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The female client registration is simple and quick. Once you fill in your desired username and your active e-mail address, you will be allowed to browse the database of gigolos, peruse their profiles and contact any of them directly. Gigolos are male companions who are ready to spend their time with you and to give you the kind attention you desire and deserve. Being a client is not just about sex (in many cases it is not about sex at all!). It is about having fun. It is about the male companionship you are missing in your life. It is about... anything you agree on with your gigolo!

Social Acceptability

Ladies, if you are not sure whether you have the courage to go out with a gigolo, you should know that dating a gigolo is nothing unusual these days. No longer is it taboo to have a gigolo! Spending time with your discrete companion will become a cool part of your lifestyle as a modern woman!

Why join GigoloList.com?

Because GigoloList.com is the only website in the world currently specializing in matching female clients with males who want to provide services to potential female clients. We cannot guarantee you that each of the males registered here will provide you professional services. But we can guarantee you that any male living anywhere in the world who is interested in becoming a gigolo will find this site, and if his interest is serious enough, he will register here!

How and where to meet my Gigolo?

With GigoloList.com it is really easy to find and start dating gigolos. However, we highly recommend you follow the standard safety rules which one must keep in mind when dating anyone found on the Internet.

Is the registration for Female Clients free?

Yes, your registration as a female client at GigoloList.com is absolutely free.

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GigoloList.com is here for all those women looking for a male companion for any event. If you are looking for a short-term male companion, you can discretely select the perfect one and contact your gigolo directly.

GigoloList.com is here for all those men who would like to taste the exciting life of a gigolo. With GigoloList.com you can immediately become a discrete male companion to women looking for something short-term. This is a dream job for men: Gigolos are paid for accompanying women and satisfying the needs of their female clients.