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FOR MEN from Darbhanga: Do you want to become gigolo in Darbhanga? That would be nice because we are missing you! You perhaps what being "gigolo" mean, right? Gigolo is sometimes called also male escort, rentman or callboy. But gigolo is slightly different man than male escort, rentmen or callboys. Gigolo is a higher class, an aristocrat of sex and love. We have a GOOD NEWS for you: With us you can become gigolo right now! Are you good looking and sex loving man? Then you will love this job! It is really a dream job for every man. If you think that you do not have enough time to accompanying our ladies, then don´t worry. Being a gigolo is not necessarily a full time job. You can work as a part-time gigolo as well and you can still earn some good extra money. Accompanying and satisfying women is the work we will want you to do. In fact, for a man it is not a "work" at all. It is a pleasure. And you know what is best? You will be WELL PAID for that by the ladies! Tell me in what other job you can stay with a beautiful woman, make love with her and ...get money for that!?! If you like the idea of being gigolo, please register yourself here at (in the gigolo section) as soon as possible! As you can see, now we do not have any gigolo from Darbhanga. This your BIG OPPORTUNITY. Get your dream job! Be the FIRST who satisfies our ladies living in or near to Darbhanga. We have a huge database of ladies´ contacts who are seeking a gigolo. At the time being, we do not have any gigolo to serve them. So hurry up, be the first and become our gigolo!

FOR LADIES from Darbhanga: If you get here, then you are perhaps seeking gigolo service in Darbhanga. Unfortunately, at the time being we do not have any registered gigolo staying now in Darbhanga. ANYWAY, please register as a lady client anyway and we will keep you informed (via email) as soon as a new gigolo comes and will be able to serve you as you wish.

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