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Use our Affiliate Program and make money either by (i) generating referrals to via a specially generated link (URL) embedded into your text published online and/or (ii) by placing our banners on your website.

Affiliate partner is an entirely new and unique dating service - you will simply not find anything similar to anywhere else. Why? Because is based on a brand new concept of dating which, we believe, has the potential to become extremely popular.

We have not hired any marketing specialists nor created a marketing department. We simply believe that we do not need to - you can be our marketing specialist! We trust in you. All we ask is that you promote by (i) embedding links leading into your texts and/or (ii) placing our banners on your website. Promote and we will share our profit with you!

Link / URL

This promotion method is for ANYBODY, not just webmasters. You do not even need to have your own website. This is a great option for anyone who publishes (or wants to start publishing) anything online. Do you have your own blog? Do you write articles for e-magazines or e-zines? Can you write PR articles? Then we want you! Once you are registered here as an Affiliate Partner you will be given an opportunity to embed into your text a unique URL leading directly to the homepage (the link will look like this: - unique code).

Working with our links/URLs is also a good opportunity for any creative webmaster, especially for those webmasters who operate picture galleries, directories, forums, etc. as they can easily lead to huge traffic via a well-placed URL linking to - earning you some extra income in the process.

For each person who accesses our site via your embedded link and then registers you will get paid commission as described below.


This is a very effective method for webmasters. If you have your own website, you will very likely choose this method of affiliate partnership. We provide various sized banners in two basic categories: serious (SFW) and adult (NSFW). Just simply choose the category and the respective size that suits your website best and start collecting premiums.

How to proceed?

Register yourself and create an Affiliate Partner Account. The moment you create your own Affiliate Partner Account, we will generate a unique link/URL for you that leads potential users to the homepage. You will also be allowed to download source codes of our banners which you can place on your own website.


For each registered gigolo who pays the fee, you will get 10 USD from us! Note that shows one of the highest conversion rates in the adult-dating business.


Once you have at least 80 USD in commission, you can ask for a withdrawal sent to your PayPal account.

Once you have at least t at least 800 USD in commission, you can ask for withdrawal via bank transfer directly into your bank account.

Bank-account transfers incur a large fee which we will be paying. This is the only reason why we can only offer bank transfers to accounts at the higher commission level.

Withdrawals are done at the end of the month following the month in which an Affiliate Partner request withdrawal of commission. We would like to do it in a shorter amount of time but we are unable to do so as per VISA and MasterCard rules and regulations.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program are here.


Websites of our Affiliate Partners

To see examples how our affiliate partners´website look like, plese see here.